Who is NOHBO?

NOHBO is the brainchild of Benjamin Stern, a young entrepreneur, with the mission of producing single-use, eco-friendly and cost-effective personal care “Drops” that help eliminate bottle waste and save the environment. Originally seen on Shark Tank, and part of the Mark Cuban and JB Fitzgerald family of companies, NOHBO has spent the past couple of years perfecting the line of water soluble products, called NOHBO “Drops”. Drops are available for shampoo, conditioner (coming soon), body wash and shave cream (coming soon). Furthermore, our Slip lines work to replace weighted and wasteful Bar Soap. By using plant-based, high-quality, eco-friendly vegan products NOT tested on animals, NOHBO eliminates the cycle of reducing, reusing and recycling by plastic products in the bathroom

Why is NOHBO different?

NOHBO is the world’s first single-use and eco-friendly personal care product aimed at eliminating excess plastic waste typically used during the showering process. Each year, in the USA alone, nearly 1,200 football stadium’s worth of plastic shampoo bottle waste accumulate in our overstuffed landfills and depleting oceans. With NOHBO, this can be ZERO! This single-use, water-soluble product contributes to a harmonious living space, free of clutter and disposable plastic items. Nohbo offers a seamless travel experience providing the ideal portability (no spills or leaks) and is TSA compliant.

What is a NOHBO Drop?

A NOHBO Drop is a single use, water soluble “pod” containing shampoo, conditioner, body wash or shaving cream. Each Drop, when mixed with water for 5-10 seconds and rubbed in your hand, will produce an excellent personal care experience with no harsh chemicals, free of parabens and sulfates, and NO DAMAGE to the environment.

What is the best use of NOHBO Drops?

NOHBO Drops can be used in the home, by travelers, by hotels, by campers, and by the military. Anybody who cares about the environment, prefers simplicity and has a preference towards sustainable products will fall in love instantly with Nohbo Drops!

Are NOHBO Drops eco-friendly?


Are NOHBO Drops Child Safe?

We do not recommend storing NOHBO Drops around children under 6 years of age. NOHBO Drops are gentle and safe for use as intended. NOHBO Drops are partially made from food-grade materials, however they are NOT meant to be swallowed or internally consumed.

Do NOHBO Drops contain sulfates?


Are NOHBO Drops Vegan and Cruelty Free?

Yes. We only test our products on homo sapiens.

What NOHBO Drop products are available to purchase?

The initial NOHBO Drop product line includes shampoo and body wash Drops in single-use, water-soluble, ergonomically pleasing pods. Conditioner and shave cream drops have a Summer 2020 release date. Our Nohbo soap Slips are also available for purchase in the Store tab.

Where can I buy NOHBO Drops?

Nohbo Drops are currently available online at www.NohboDrops.com and select retail outlets. Nohbo Drops are available for EU hotel distributor through our partner Bunzl Food Service.

Are NOHBO Drops made in America?


Are there any special storage requirements for NOHBO Drops?

Store your Nohbo Drops out of direct contact with water. Keep out of direct sunlight and away from humid areas wherever possible.

Do NOHBO Drops come with different scents?

All Nohbo Drops are scented by a special aromatic blend essential oils. Further product launches will include additional scent varieties.

Do I need to use more than one NOHBO Drop each time?

No. When used correctly, NOHBO Drops are designed as single-use, with sufficient product in each Drop to achieve the desired result and high-end personal care experience, regardless of hair length, size and thickness.

How long does it take for a NOHBO Drop to dissolve and ready for use?

NOHBO Drops are designed to be activated in water. Merely cup a Drop in your hands and hold under water for 5-10 seconds. The Drop is now ready for direct use.

Are distributorships available for NOHBO Drops?

If you reside in the European Union and operate a lodging resort in that territory, please reach out to our EU hotel distributor Bunzl, directly for sampling and ordering info: Ramon Ravelli ramon.ravelli@bunzl.nl For all other regions in any market category, or if you reside in the European Union and are not interested in hospitality distribution, please contact NOHBO directly at Info@NohboDrops.com to inquire if we have existing distributors set up in your region, or if you would like to apply to distribute Nohbo products. In the subject line, please write DISTRIBUTION INQUIRY. Bare in mind, we only appoint distributor rights to those with existing distribution company’s set up and established in a select territory.

Where have I seen NOHBO before?

NOHBO, and its Founder Benjamin Stern, was first introduced to the world on the February 18th, 2016 episode of Shark Tank, where he secured a deal with Mark Cuban. The original product was NOHBO “Balls”. After working through typical startup challenges and determining optimal manufacturing and distribution channels, NOHBO pivoted slightly in its product design to prepare for mass distribution to consumers and to commercial accounts. The concept of a more universally recognized “pod” was embraced and all systems were put in motion to develop and produce what would become a full line of NOHBO Drops. All original concepts around single-use, eco-friendly and “made in the USA” were kept intact. Additional funding was raised to begin the development of a comprehensive line of NOHBO personal care products. Fast forward to 2020 and all systems are go for the national launch of NOHBO Drops.

Should I tear the wrapper?

Nope, our products are designed to melt in mere seconds when met with water. Just cup your hands under flowing water with a NOHBO Drop in between, and watch the magic happen!

Is the outside casing made from plastic?

Nope, it’s made from a biodegradable material not sourced from any plastics whatsoever.

Is the outside packaging made of plastic, and will it protect the products from melting?

Our outside container packaging is made from biodegradable, sugarcane derived plant plastics (the good kind). It does an amazing job keeping out excess moisture and humidity from destroying product. Once finished, simply refill with product ordered from a bulk pack or throw it away, and it will naturally compost to form a beautiful pile of dirt.

I operate a hotel or lodging resort. How can I set up an account with you?

If you reside in the European Union and operate a lodging resort in that territory, please reach out to our EU hotel distributor Bunzl, directly for sampling and ordering info: Ramon Ravelli ramon.ravelli@bunzl.nl For all other regions, please contact NOHBO directly at Info@NohboDrops.com to inquire if we have existing distributors set up in your region, we will connect them with you. If not, we can work to set up ordering channels for emerging markets.. In the subject line, please write HOSPITALITY ORDERING INQUIRY. Please include the name of the facility, number of rooms, and all other applicable information.

I have a retail store. How can I place a wholesale order?

Please reach out to info@nohbodrops.com for bulk case ordering info. Please include the name of your store, website, number of stores, etc.

Do you have an affiliate system set up for referring customers to try out Nohbo Products?

Not yet! But we’re working on it.

I ordered my product from August 2017 – January 15th, 2019. Why haven’t I received it yet?

Orders placed between these dates will be shipped out by March, 2020. If you placed an order within this timeframe, you will NOT be charged till your order ships out. You can keep, change or cancel your order directly within the order confirmation email sent to you from Trycelery.com.