In 2018, NOHBO unleashed its Drop line. Following years of extensive research & development, and thousands of hours locking ourselves in the lab till breakthroughs were reached, we have successfully developed the world’s first single use, water soluble Drop for personal care products. One simply takes a shampoo Drop in their hands under shower water, and the product melts instantly. NOHBO Drops are comprised of two parts; An outer film utilizing the most advanced up-and-coming water soluble technology, alongside a moisturizing base comprised of shampoo, conditioner, body wash OR shaving cream.

NOHBO was formed to combat excess bottle waste, and to create a superior line of eco-friendly personal care products that lather cleanse and nourish without a compromise to  quality, sustainability, or performance.

Drops Sketch

What We Are Working On 

Monodose technology is a very new and exciting field. There is a plethora of uses for this amazing eco-friendly advancement, as well as continuous challenges to tackle. NOHBO’s signature Shampoo Drop, is one of 4 core lines set to be released. Our conditioner and shaving cream Drop lines will launch in the Summer of 2020. NOHBO’s philosophy is to treat your body and the earth with optimal care, so we ensure our products are designed around that mindset. Our packaging is even derived from biodegradable plant plastic materials.

We at NOHBO believe safety comes first, especially when dealing with podded products in a household environment. Our Drop products are natural and comprised of mostly food grade ingredients. NOHBO has added a bitter flavor to keep away young mouths, and configured our packaging to be durable against curious hands. Even with these deterrents in place, we strongly recommend NOHBO Drops be kept away from young children and the showers that the young one’s wash in.

Drops in Shower